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Q: O que significa ‎"At first, he sat motionless, his hands still folded in his lap."?
A: There isn't a second sentence. It's all one sentence, and "motionless" and "hands still folded..." are both clauses modifying the verb. "Hands still folded..." is describing the way he's sitting.
Q: O que significa to become motionless ?
A: It means not able to move
Q: O que significa motionless?
A: motionless
If you're motionless, you're completely still, not moving a muscle. Your barber might instruct you to remain motionless while he trims the hair around your ears.

Anything that's motionless doesn't move — a statue is motionless, and your bike is motionless lying in the driveway until you climb on it and start pedaling. Photographs are motionless, while video records movement. Your new puppy might be a constantly wiggling, jumping ball of motion until she becomes exhausted and falls sound asleep, motionless. Motion, or movement, comes from a Latin root, motionem, "a movement" or "an emotion."

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Still and Motionless ? e Можно ли сказать stay motionless вместо stay still ? ?
A: They mean the same thing! Still = not moving!

"The boat was motionless."

"The boat was still."

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Q: Being frightened as she seemed to be, she stood motionless.
(Because she seemed to be frightened) soa natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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