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Q: O que significa MISSING CHILDREN??(missing???why not missed)?
A: missing children = children that can not be found
missed children = children that other people feel sad about not seeing / children that were not hit by something (?)
Q: O que significa MISSING CHILDREN????(missing??)?
A: The location of the children is unknown. They're missing and that is obviously a cause for a lot worry.
Q: O que significa "Your missing out"?
A: “You’re missing out” means that something is cool or fun, but you haven’t done it, so you haven’t experienced that cool/fun thing.

For example:
“Did you see the new Avengers Infinity War movie?”
“You’re missing out. It was a good movie.”

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre "missing for you" e "I miss you" ?
A: There like exactly the same

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