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Q: It is "mikoshi " that is used in Japanese festival. It is also called "portable shrine" in English.
People believe that there is one of Japanese God in the mikoshi.
People in the area carry it and go around in the area to cleanse the area where people live.
but the "portable shrine" sounds strange to hear I think. because it sounds like a portable God?
I had watched Lady gaga in the Japanese tv variety show before and
she had performed and came out from a portable shrine and I said "is she God?!"
前日本の番組でレディガガが神輿から出てくるのを見て思わず神様?って言っちゃった soa natural?
A: This is how I would say it:

A 'mikoshi' is used in Japanese festivals. It is known as a portable shrine in English. People believe that a Japanese God resides in the mikoshi. The locals carry the mikoshi around to cleanse the residential areas. However, I feel that the term 'portable shrine' sounds strange to the ear as it sounds like a portable God. I have once watched Lady Gaga in a Japanese TV variety show. She was performing and appeared from a portable shrine. This caused me to say, "Is she a Goddess?"

God= Male
Goddess= Female

I'm sorry if I used too many hard vocabulary :#

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