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Q: O que significa Managing a household?
A: to take care of the various tasks and chores associated with the organization, financial management, and day-to-day operations of a home. Effective home management is the process of properly maintaining a home and overseeing household activities
Q: O que significa "Managing something manually sounds like a good idea until you actually try to do it."?
A: Managing something manually = doing something manually (not automatically)

sounds like a good idea = seems like a good idea

until you actually try to do it = but it's not (when you try that idea, you discover it's not a good idea after all)

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Managing e Managerial e Management ?
A: Hi could u direct to my Instagram @dr_meo1
Q: Qual é a diferença entre Getting Comfortable Managing your money e Getting Comfortable to manage your money ?
A: "Getting Comfortable Managing your money" makes more sense!

"Getting Comfortable to manage your money" doesn't sound natural

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Q: Por favor, mostra-me como pronunciar Managing time is the same as managing pain..
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Managing grain is demanding work. Every year 630 million tons of grain are thrown away. But the robot helps mangaing grain.

soa natural?
A: × But the robot helps mangaing grain.
✓ But the robot helps manage grain.

Q: [Managing a group chatroom]

Steve has told me a lot of it.
I’m sure there’s a lot of work that goes into it.
But the leader of the room is doing an amazing job.

soa natural?
A: It sounds natural, but you can't start a sentence with "but." "But" comes after a comma.
Q: Managing to survive the greatest crisis makes you building up your good personality. soa natural?
A: Managing to survive the greatest crisis helps you build up a strong personality.
Q: What am I asked?

Managing Information is more than just computers and cell phones. There are many forms of information that you as a manager will need to oversee. What other forms of information must be managed? What do you think is the most important? How about this link to managing service workers communications?
A: It's asking what else you must manage as a manager, which of those is the most important, and how it links to the last part.

The last question is grammatically incorrect though.

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