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Q: O que significa I'll blow you a kiss?
A: Here are two girls blowing kisses.

Here is Ariana Grande blowing kisses.

At the end of this video (4:22), Elle blows a kiss, but Alexis does not.
Q: O que significa kisses like a nymphomaniac on death row?
A: It means she kisses with enthusiasm.
Q: O que significa kiss my ass?
A: It's similar to saying "fuck you". It's just an insult toward someone without any real meaning behind it. You might say it when someone says something stupid.

For example:
A: "Hey, dude, I bet you're too scared to stand on on the railroad tracks when the train is coming."
B: "Kiss my ass."

A: "Hey, chug all those beers."
B: "Kiss my ass, I'm not getting drunk here."
Q: O que significa kiss my arse?
A: usually when you're angry with someone you don't know. Like, if you're angry at another driver, it can be used. However, it is very informal, and I wouldn't recommend using it at all really.
Q: O que significa kiss--- something--- goodbye?
A: Its basically a way of saying that you are saying goodbye to something. Sometimes it is customary to kiss someone when they are leaving or as a way of saying goodbye to them. For example, if someone said 'well you can kiss my cooking goodbye then' they would probably mean to imply that they feel you're being ungrateful for their cooking and they don't want to cook for you anymore.

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com "Give me a kiss" and "kiss me". And what's the difference?.

It’s nothing very complex – these are two different ways to achieve the same goal. You are trying to instruct somebody to kiss you. You could say it either way, and the meaning is identical.

I mean, think about it – if you say “kiss me“ to somebody, isn’t it already implied that the person is going to give you the kiss?

So, one of the phrases is explicit about this fact, and the other one isn’t. That’s the entire difference.

Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com kiss.
A: I kiss my girlfriend. I kiss my mum on the cheek. These ones are literal.
They are sun-kissed. This is a saying that means someone is visibly tanned

There are more sayings like above that use the word kiss, I hope this helps
Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com kiss.
A: she hug and kiss him so that he starts pe**ng
Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com kiss goodnight.
A: its goid night kiss. they did good night kisses and parted away for their respective rooms. she hates good night kisses on her cheeks.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre to kiss (they are kissing) e to share a kiss (they share a kiss) ?
A: Эти фразы одинаковы. Sharing a kiss слушать чуть-чуть более романтический .
Q: Qual é a diferença entre kiss me slow e kis
s me slowly ?
A: Slow is an adjective so you would use it to describe a noun.
Slowly is an adverb so you would use it to modify a verb.
For your sentence it should be 'Kiss me slowly." Slowly is modifying the verb 'kiss'.
An example sentence for 'slow': "This car is so slow."
Slow is describing the noun 'car'.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre my kiss for you e my kiss to you ?
A: my kiss to you sounds better to me
Q: Qual é a diferença entre i kiss her e i kiss with her ?
A: @brew33: 아!!! Do you mean blow kisses? Like when you kiss your hand and then you blow it towards the other persons direction?

Oh it's early there haha 😖
Q: Qual é a diferença entre I wanted to kiss him. e I've been wanting to kiss him. ?
A: "...I wanted to kiss..." implies that you no longer want to kiss the person. "...I've been wanting to kiss..." means that you have wanted to do kiss the person for a very long time and you currently still want to.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? なぜPortulaca をJump up and kiss meと呼ぶのですか?
Pansies are also called Jump up and kiss me. They have little faces on them and grow upright, like they can jump up and kiss you.

“Incidentally, I have been reading a little about pansies, and found they have a very interesting etymology (including being called 'Jump Up and Kiss Me!'). The name 'Pansy' comes from the french word 'Pensee,' meaning thought and referring to the flower's appearance to a face. They are also commonly called 'Heart's Ease,' which is lovely, yes?”
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? Just a kiss on the cheek.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? kiss
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? only one more kiss
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? is. I want a her kiss or I want a kiss her?
A: I want to kiss her.
I want to give her a kiss.

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Q: Which one is the most natural?
1) blowing a kiss
2) Blow Kiss
3)Throw Kiss
A: Blowing a kiss
Q: he seems to be born to kiss his boss's ass. he's got polishing apples down to a science. soa natural?
A: Gramatically correct, but the sentence is choppy.

Better like this: "It's like he was born to kiss his boss's ass"

"He seems" is a serious phrase.
Q: I want to ki__ you. I've thought of "kiss", "kick", and "kill". Are there any other options?
A: Yep, only options that make sense...


A couple of others would work but not really make sense.

Kink (maybe this would be ok) 😆
Q: When did you kiss her last minutes?
When did you kiss her last time?

Which does sound more natural ? soa natural?
A: "When did you kiss her last" is all you need to say.
Q: We do not kiss injured part, but instead, we put one hand on injured part when saying first "pain, pain" and then move the hand away as the gesture of getting rid of the pain by throwing it away when saying the "go away~" part. soa natural?
A: The sentence is too long for ease of reading, first. I would break it down to "We do not kiss the injured part. Instead, we first say "pain, pain" and put one hand on the injured part. Then we move the hand away to make it like we are throwing it away when we say "go away".

Also, it's not clear from your sentence where the "go away" comes in, is it before or after "pain, pain". So my interpretation isn't perfect either, but it gives you an idea, hopefully.

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