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Q: O que significa “Paul, recognising the stern jut of her jaw, gave in.”?
A: Jutting your jaw is when you point your chin forward in a gesture of determination and force. Stern also means serious and determined. When Paul saw her face giving off such a strong signal, he knew that he could not change her mind so he gave in, he dropped any opposition he had and agreed to do what she wanted.
Q: O que significa What does,,jut out" mean??
A: It means to "stick out abruptly"
Q: O que significa to jut out?
A: To protrude: to project out (generally “forward”) from some otherwise fairly straight or level line or plane. Some people’s chins are said to jut out.
Q: O que significa a jut of land?
A: "to jut" means to stick out. So a bit of land that sticks out, like a strip of land from a coastline may be described as "A jut of land."
Q: O que significa jut out ?
A: stick out, hang out eg. 'the knob juts out of the wall'

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com What does ,,jut" mean?.
A: To extend out of or over something.

"Your ears jut from your head."

"The rocks jutted out from the side of the bank."

"The jutting limb of a tree."

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Q: "I jut care that .... OR I just care for ....
And everything else doesn't matter."

In this sentence which one is correct, care that OR care for ?
A: I just care for (something or someone)

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