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Q: O que significa I’ve never seen a Jurassic Park movie. I don’t like these kind of movies?
A: they’ve never seen the movie and they don’t like that genre of movie e.g. they don’t like action/scary movies. But it’s as appropriate as saying they’ve never watched the movie, both are fine.

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Q: Jurassic Park.

John Hammond invites Dr. Alan Grant and Dr.Ellie Sattler to the island. They've arrived at the island. Dr. Sattler grabs one of the plants and she got surprised. The plant must be extinct species. She wonders why this is here. Meanwhile, Dr. Grant is surprised something and he turns Dr.Sattler face to that. Both of them see lived Dinosaur that is Brachiosaurus. The Dinosaur is walking to the tree and eat leaves. They're very impressed. soa natural?
A: Thank you😊😊
Q: when I watched "Jurassic park" movie, dangerous dinosaurs calmed down when the main character said "stand down" . it was interesting to see that there might be a certain way to communicate with animals even through eyes to eyes. Even though that scene was made for a movie, but in our reality, I think, some people have some abilities to read animal's mind well and know how to treat them. soa natural?
A: communicate with "an" animals.

Use an before words beginning with a vowel sound and animal is a sort of noun.
Q: Por favor, mostra-me como pronunciar Jurassic .
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Whenever I see Jurassic park I want to see real dinosaurs. soa natural?
A: Whenever I watch Jurassic Park, I want to see real dinosaurs.
Q: Jurassic World will make its way over to Japan in August, 2015. soa natural?
A: You might just say “ August of this year” or “...this August.”

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