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Q: O que significa junkfood??
A: fast food / unhealthy food

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Q: He doesn't eat junkfood or junkfoods?
He doesn't like a softdrink or softdrink?
A soda or a bottle of soda?
Are these correct?
Some more rice.
How to thriftshop?
She's  thriftshopping.
That's a huge frisbee.
What do these mean?
Muddy puddles.
What does Putik mean in English?
Is this correct?
I stayed in the uk for a while but Ilive in america right now. (Is this a compound sentence?)
It no longer exists or It doesn't exist anymore.
Does Occular mean a trip for reviewing the place?
Are these correct?
Don't judge a/the book by its cover.
You can never tell a/the book by its cover.
Some chillies. (Are chillies countable?)
What's the difference between Some chilli and some chillies?
Does SOME CHILI mean some pieces or slices of a chili?
I'm so confused or I'm too confused?
1 coke in can or 1 can of coke?
A pitch/glass of ice?
This is a lice of a potato or potato?
It's ketchup. It's a bottle of ketchup.
Could you possibly repeat (again) what you have said (again)?
Everyday is an adjective. Every day is an adverb phrase.
Ever tagalog. 
Put your mask on. (Why do I have to put ON?)
Burnnt offering
Is this correct?
- How is clay made? (Is clay countable?)
A: Check the question to view the answer

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