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Q: O que significa At this juncture

Full sentence: “At this juncture, the only way to avoid a hassle would be to help her”.?

Juncture is an uncommon word that is used in English, and so if it were spoken to a native speaker, you are very likely to be asked to clarify.

Juncture translates indirectly to: at this point in time. Or at this moment.

It’s a defining moment when something changes.

We ate at the New Mexican restaurant in town. The salsa was too spicy, the drinks were warm, and the Air conditioning was off. At this juncture, we had decided to leave the restaurant.

I hope it helps.
Q: O que significa 1. water-ice juncture
What is 'Water - ice' Why use Hyphen?!!
2. ice-induced meaning
3. 'ice named for their needle-like appearances'
Can I switch
' ice named 4 their needle appearances' ?

Why use hyphens?!!!?
A: 1. A water-ice juncture is where water and ice meet. The hyphen is used because they might want to remove ambiguity with the meaning of the sentence. It makes it more clear that they're talking about a juncture between water and ice.

2. Ice-induced means caused by ice. For example, ice-induced erosion is erosion that is caused by ice

3. I think it would be unnatural to switch it to that. Using -like is very common in English, similar to how 처럼 is used in Korean I think! Correct me if I'm wrong ^^
Q: O que significa critical juncture?
A: it's an important point, like a fork in the road.

it can also be critical points in which a decision shapes the impact of the story or history

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com at each juncture.
A: A juncture is a turning point in your life. Think of it as a major milestones, like graduating from school, getting married, having kids, etc.

At each new juncture in life, we take time to reflect on how far we've come.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre juncture e crisis ?
A: A juncture is a point in time, usually an important one, but it's not always a crisis. It could be the start of something new and wonderful. "At this juncture, we have finally discovered the secrets of the human mind. Now nothing is unknown to us!"
Q: Qual é a diferença entre juncture e junction ?
A: This is tough as these words have extremely similar meaning. Both mean where two things meet, but juncture can refer to a point in time.

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Q: At this juncture, I don't think we will be able to catch up with him.
Is the above sentence correct?
A: i knew it wasn't a common word but I just wanted to learn the context it is used in.
Q: 1. At that juncture, a man was skittering forwards your house.
2. I saw the recumbent girl threw some debris on the beach.

I tried to use these words: juncture, debris, recumbent and skitter
But are those natural sentences??🤔
A: 1. a better word would be "towards" instead of "forwards "
1.. At that juncture, a man was skittering towards your house.
2. A better word would be "throw "
2.I saw the recumbent girl throw some debris on the beach.
Q: At this juncture,an unprecedented crisis broke out,shocking the stock market soa natural?
A: One problem: remember to leave spaces between words and commas ("juncture, an" instead of "juncture,an")
Q: At this juncture,the environment issues have been a tough problem.Surely,the global warming leads to melting glaciers and sea level rise;pollutant growth such as radioactive waste disposal and automobile exhaust result in deteriorating environment;the increasing natural disasters such as droughts,floods,sand storms and acid rain prompt people to be panic. soa natural?
A: At this juncture, environmental issues are a tough problem. Global warming appears to be leading toward melting glaciers and rising sea levels, growing amounts of pollution, such as radioactive waste and automobile exhaust, which cause the environment to deteriorate, and an increase in the number of natural disasters, such as droughts, floods, sand storms, and acid rain, which lead to people panicking.

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