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Q: O que significa so Juli wouldn't stick me in the same class as someone who makes retard jokes?
A: stick = 놓다 in this case.

"class" refers to social standing.

the speaker wishes he had punched Garret so that Juli would know that he should not be placed in the same category as Garrett.

"retard jokes" is ambiguous without further context. this can mean that Juli's uncle is mentally handicapped, and Garrett made jokes about his condition,

or it could imply that Garrett's jokes were of the quality of a joke told by someone who is mentally handicapped.
Q: O que significa "away" in "“Bryce!” Juli squeals. “You're here.” Then she charges across the room and tackles me. Mrs. Yelson tried to explain this attack ***away*** as a “welcome hug,” but man, that was no hug. That was a front-line, take-'em-down tackle. "?
A: I believe it's saying a long the lines of "she wasn't attacking you" since the character felt like he was being attacked. It's hard to explain. Sort of like when something is "swept under the rug" where it's not seen as something important/drastic! Not sure if this makes sense, but that's what I'm getting from this scene/sentence

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Q: I bought the e-book named 'Juli Jeong's writing task2', so now, I can study IELTS without video lessons, but if I need to watch the videos, I will come to your place. soa natural?
A: I bought the e-book named 'Juli Jeong's writing task2'. I can now study IELTS without video lessons. I will drop by your house in case I need to watch the videos again. Okay? 😉
Q: Dear Ms. Juli,

My name is Tom. It is nice to meet you again. As you may recognize me, I have met you twice, last Sunday for the special lecture of the writing, and the IELTS explanation.

In fact, I am writing to ask you to a free speaking test with you as you mentioned at the event in Kyobo book store.

In order to have that opportunity, I have attached the receipt that I bought your books there at the time.

Therefore, I would like to inform my phone number so that you could to get in touch with me. It is 010-9000-1234. Don't hesitate and feel free to contact me anytime.

Best regards,

Tom soa natural?
A: 1.)As you might recognize
2.)and during the IELTS explanation.
3.)writing to ask you about a free
4.)attached the receipt of which I have bought your books there at that time.
5.)like to inform you my phone number so that you can get in touch with me.
6.)Feel free to contact me anytime.

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