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Q: O que significa Wait. Jules, when I talk about my dad and graveyards, does that make your miss your mom from Korea? ?
A: does her bringing up graveyards, make Jules miss her mum (because she’s in Korea?)
Do you want to know what miss means? I’m confused
Q: O que significa Jules' driver is M.LA. He's not answering any of my texts.

-> What's mean M.LA??
A: It's MIA, not MLA.
Short for missing in action, otherwise not available/ not replying to your messages.
Q: O que significa Why does Jules say IT'S OKAY I REALLY WON'T BITE all of a sudden? AND whst does that mean??
A: It’s a figure of speech which means “you can talk to me”. It’s kind of saying “I’m not dangerous”
It’s a common saying.
You usually say it to someone who seems hesitant to approach you.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Jules: So, Ben… I was gonna say what is a nice guy like you doing at a place like this? But Cameron gave me the drill, so can I just be honest with you? e “Cameron gave me the drill,” here “the drill” means ‘skill’? i thought gave me the drill means he gave a warning ?
A: Drill here means more so “he gave me the information/rundown”. I’d need more context but it sounds like she’s saying that Cameron gave her information (the drill) that disproved her earlier question of “Ben, I was gonna say...”

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? Jules は Becky に Ben に仕事を手伝ってもらうように言った。
A: "Jules told Becky to have Ben help her with the work."
"Jules told Becky to ask Ben to help her with the work."
"Jules told Becky to ask Ben to help her with her work."

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Q: What does Jules exactly mean by "make it less of an alone thing"? Don't need liberal translation, would appreciate it if it's literal translation.

Jules: I want to figure out a way for friends to shop together online.
Make it less of an alone thing. E-mail me that idea, will you?

For example does that mean:
-Make people feel like they're doing an alone thing less. (Don't make people feel like they're doing an alone thing as much as possible)
-Make people do an alone thing less. (Make people do a together thing more)
-Make an alone thing less.
A: Its weirdly worded so I see why you're confused. I would say it means "less of a solo thing" or "less lonely" So making people feel like they're less alone.
Q: Jules does not need a temporary job but a safe job for a long-term plan soa natural?
A: Jules doesn’t need a temporary job, but a safe job with a long term plan.

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