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Q: O que significa extra juicy?
A: It depends on the context.

A compliment referring to food, mainly meat:
"This steak is extra juicy" = this steak isn't dry at all, it is very good

Referring to a story:
"The recent rumors are extra juicy" "juicy gossip" etc. = the drama is very interesting and exciting

So extra juicy is "juicy" but increased :)
Q: O que significa juicy?


"Juicy" can be used as slang for both "sexy" and "gossiping/talking behind someone's back".

Sexy/Hot: "Oh man, that girl looks juicy!"

Gossip: "Did you hear about the affair? I'll give you all the juicy details."

Normal: "This orange is really juicy." (has a lot of juice in it)
Q: O que significa but as he slid the first six fat, juicy, slightly burnt sausages from the poker??
A: он снял колбаски с шампура

And the rest of the words are just excessive adjectives lol.

I don’t know why they used the word “poker” instead of “skewer”.
Q: O que significa juicy and beautiful ?
A: @Hiddenspirittt

juicy = something is interesting or exciting, like in a movie if something exciting or interesting happens .... you could say oh it's gotten juicy. or this is such a juicy part.

juicy = also means it's delicious, like if an orange is juicy... it's got a lot of liquid therefore it's juicy because it's delicious to eat.

beautiful = more than pretty, like the painting is beautiful or the girl is beautiful. .. just means that they are more pretty than usual.
Q: O que significa juicy stuff?
A: 其實有時候這個都是指”勁爆的事”
例如juicy gossip就是八卦不過內容不是什麼無聊的事 而是很有趣 意想不到 勁爆

Example sentences using "Juicy"

Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com juicy .
A: I bought some oranges yesterday and they were really juicy.
I was cooking some meat but it wasn't as juicy as I expected, it was a bit dry.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre juicy e yummy ?
A: juicy and yummy are common as adjectives for food. As slang words, it may be common in some communities and very rare in others.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre juicy e succulent ?
A: They mean the same thing and you can use them interchangeably. If you were using it in writing then succulent sounds more formal but otherwise juicy works too.
(Succulent might also refer to a type of plant)
Q: Qual é a diferença entre juicy story e imteresting story ?
A: A juicy story generally has more details while an interesting story keeps you wanting to hear more. They’re almost the same

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? juicy cheek
A: Thanks. But I really want to use this metaphor.

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Q: I ate juicy orange and crisp apple for lunch.
soa natural?

That's fine.

To make it even more natural, you could say –

I ate SOME juicy orange and crisp apple for lunch
Q: What's more juicy ?
Cauliflowers or Broccolis ?
Does this sound natural?

How would you describe that quality of vegetables?
Like juicy carrots, juicy onions, etc,
A: @LeraJoy

What's juicier? ✔️

Juicy things, typically, have enough liquid in them that if you squeeze them, they are at least a little bit soft.

Onions are not particularly juicy, for instance 😁

You can make juice from carrots, but it seems a little bit wrong to call a carrot juicy.

It's probably best to save Juicy for fruits.

Vegetables are: fresh, crisp
Q: juicy pink watermelon
How does it sound?
Sounds tasty?
A: I believe you are right, but people usually describe watermelons as pink
Q: I received big juicy strawberries from a friend. It was so sweet. Thanks for bringing me home. soa natural?
A: 'It was so sweet' If you are referring to the strawberries consider 'they were so sweet' if you are referring to your friend, 'it was so sweet of her/him.' 'Thanks for bringing me home' seems a bit unnatural if you are addressing the same friend who brought you the strawberries, because you referred to her in the third person in the first sentence. Consider instead 'thanks for bringing me the strawberries. They were so big and juicy. It was so sweet of you.' if you are telling this to another person consider 'I received big and juicy strawberries from a friend. It was so sweet of her. I was so thankful.'
Q: When I bit off the dumpling, tasty juicy meat soup (meat juice?) poured out of it. soa natural?
A: juice is better

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