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Q: You can be a juggler!

You never know you can be a juggler.
What I mean by that, if you are going to be a parent you should do many things at one time that you can make it or not.

Someone says being a parent is like a being a juggler. At this belated hour, I have understood literally that means. Cause most of parents should do many things within given time in a day. Sometimes, I hope that if I have 36 hours in a day I could do everything with success. But as we all know, in this reality, there are just 24 hours in a day.

To live being a parent isn't that romantic as I thought.
It's a life of a sacrifice and humble.

And also... I guess..
Being a parents gives me a power to become superwoman and superman as well.

Does this article sound naturl?

soa natural?
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