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Q: O que significa juggernaut, in its own right?
A: juggernaut: unstoppable force

in its own right usually means "because of its own special qualities and not because of a connection with something else"

I think here, it just means "major exporter of its own culture"
Q: O que significa juggernaut?
A: Thank you so much!
Q: O que significa He is a creative juggernaut. ?
A: @NickyNicky
Juggernaut means huge, powerful and overwhelming force. So a “Creative Juggernaut” is a fancy loose translation for someone who is really good and amazing in creativity 💪
Q: O que significa juggernaut?
A: Oof. Um, best answer I've got is in something that gets stronger as it gains speed and keeps going. One of the X-Men characters is called Juggernaut. A sports team that keeps winning could be called a juggernaut because they're so good. Or a tornado, avalanche, or tsunami could be referred to as a juggernaut. It won't go away.

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Q: What does ” juggernaut ” mean in this case:
Let’s juggernaut down the memory lane.

A juggernaut is a vehicle which is out of control and moving very fast.

I guess they mean, let's remember things in a very intense and uncontrolled way...? 🤷‍♀️ who knows

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