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Q: 1 grand is around 100,000 JPY? if you convert $1 into 100JPY.
A: Roughly speaking, yes. Depends on inflation rate. Typically, JPY is weaker than the USD by 5-10%, so $1 is 105 JPY.
Q: We will reimburse you only JPY 30,000 for the registration fee. The rest JPY 10,000 is Gala dinner fee, so we won't reimburse it. soa natural?
A: We are only able to reimburse JPY 30,000 for the registration fee. The remaining JPY 10,000 is considered the Gala Dinner fee and we will not be able to reimburse that.
Q: I have charged 450000 JPY from your credit card successfully.
soa natural?
A: I have successfully charged 450,000 JPY from your credit card.
Q: 1,200 JPY = $9.84 (just for reference)

soa natural?
A: I would change the last sentence to... “...the rate above is only an estimation; the actual rate will vary.”

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