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Q: O que significa Why did Josie want her out of the way??
A: If you are going to do something, but instead change your plans to help someone else, you "went of your way" for them.
Q: O que significa Josie asap bol raging thi ?
A: Wanna see how i'm masturbating? Search me here - My nickname - Krystalll3 ;)

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Q: Hello Josie, I already left you the duvet’s cover and 2 more pillows, on the bed of the single room. I noticed that you left towels hanging outside on the cords without pegs, maybe I didn’t mention it, but you can find two small plastic baskets with pegs into the cabinet above the dryer machine. I think one of the towels fell on the cords of the neighbor below, not sure if yours. Also, please, help us making sure all the lights in the house are off when you leave. All of them where on. Thank you. Guille
soa natural?
A: It's...duvet cover...not duvet's cover. Cords....washing line. inside not into. tumble dryer not dryer
machine. the neighbour's washing line below. not sure if IT is yours. BY making sure... were on not
Q: Hello Josie! Haha! You’re not a pain! Feel free to ask as many questions as you need. Yes, we supply towels (one big and one small par person) :) soa natural?
A: one big and one small one per person
Q: Josie's on a vacation far away
come around and talk it over
so many things that I want to say soa natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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