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Q: O que significa jonesing?
A: Ficando com muita vontade...querendo muito uma coisa...I am jonesing for chocolate right now..
Q: O que significa jonesing ?
A: wanting something/craving for something.
Q: O que significa jonesing?
A: It means you really want something. Like a strong craving.

I am jonesing for some chocolate cake!
Q: O que significa jonesing for?
A: craving, wanting badly
Q: O que significa jonesing?
A: It's like "craving" or "longing" 😊

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com jonesing.
A: Note: as far as I'm aware, "jonesing" is only used in the US. People in the UK are unlikely to understand you if you use it.

I'm jonesing for a coffee right now
He's been jonesing for cake for ages
She was jonesing for a sandwich so she went out

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Q: I’m jonesing for a pizza and beer. soa natural?
A: It's technically natural, but the slang "jonesing" is not used very often.
"I'm craving pizza and beer" might be better for use in conversation.

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