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Q: The Jomon period is roughly between 10,000 BC and 300 BC. soa natural?
A: That does work, but perhaps “approximately” would sound a bit more polished. As in: The Jomon period is between 10,000- 300BC, approximately.
Q: The Jomon people are believed to be ancestors of the indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. soa natural?
A: It sounds natural to me.
Q: In the Jomon period, people started to use polished stone tools instead of chipped ones which were widely used in the Old Stone Age prior to the Jomon period. soa natural?
A: It is natural but by adding a “,” between “ones” and “which” the sentence will flow better grammatically!

Also you don’t need the “prior to the Jomon period” at the end of the sentence!

Hope this helped!
Q: The Jomon people ate acorns. Acorns have a harsh, bitter taste, so they boiled them with their pottery to remove their bitterness before eating. soa natural?
A: Did you maybe mean “boiled them IN their pottery”?
Q: Jomon people made pottery decorated with a distinctive cord pattern. They made the cord patterns using sticks with cords wrapped around them. soa natural?
A: Just say "The Jomon people", rest is fine! :)

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