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Q: O que significa Joker needs a nang ?
A: Nang is slang for Nitrous Oxide, used as a drug to create euphoria. It is not a very pleasant song, I suggest you find other ways to fill your days.
Q: O que significa Joker Is 2019's Most Disturbing Movie.?
A: I think it means that people find it uncomfortable, because it deals with mental instability and chaos/murder/anarchy.

People were also afraid that it would inspire people to commit violence, which would be quite disturbing!
Q: O que significa Joker at work?
A: Generally it refers to someone who are ready to do anything and take risks
Though I'm not too sure

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre Joker e Jokerster ?
A: It's jokester not jokerster, and they have the same meaning
Q: Qual é a diferença entre Joker e Wildcard ?
A: For cards:

A joker is a specific card (often a deck will come with the 52 normal cards and a couple jokers)

A wildcard depends on the game you are playing. Often it is a card where the player gets to pick which card it acts like

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? この映画(Joker)ってどこまでが妄想なんだろう
A: how delusional is the Joker in this movie
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? (Jokerを見て)怖くて目をそむけたくなるシーンが何度もあった
A: 「(Jokerを見て)怖くて目をそむけたくなるシーンが何度もあった」は英語で “When you watched Joker, how many scenes were there that were scary and made you want to look away?” だと思います

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Q: A: Let's go to a theatre! How about watching Joker.
B: Yeah yeah yeah! soa natural?
A: A: Let's go to *the* theatre! How about watching Joker.
B: Yeah, *sure*!
Q: He made a different amazing Joker. (Movie :Dark night )does this sound natural? soa natural?
A: The word "different" is not unnatural, it's the combination of the words "different amazing". Normally, you add an "-ly" at the end of the first adjective when you put two adjectives together. So in this case, to make it sound more natural you would say "differently amazing", but I have never heard people say "differently amazing", I usually hear "uniquely amazing". (different and unique mean the same thing, but people tend to choose the word "unique" when combining it with the word amazing).
Q: Joker has a peanut butter coloured fur and his feets look like his wearing little boots because they are white. soa natural?
A: @Hi5:
I'm assuming joker is some animal (Dog/Cat?)

I think "paw" is more suitable than "feet".
- As a side note, "feet" is already plural, you don't need to say "feets". Singular would be "foot"

Joker has peanut butter colored fur, and white fur by his paws. The white fur makes it seem like he's wearing boots.
Q: Joker is a playful dog, he loves peoples so don't be scared he just wants you to play with him. soa natural?
A: Just change 'peoples' to people.

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