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Q: O que significa To be a joiner (within this context) ?
A: It means they’re not someone who typically joins things

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? joiner(a person whose job is to make the wooden parts of a building, especially window frames, doors, etc.)
A: Due to changes in construction, "joiner" is no longer a job. The profession died out because houses are no longer built of of mainly wood.

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Q: A joiner cuts a wood and makes the furniture. soa natural?
A: × A joiner cuts a wood and makes the furniture.
✓ A joiner cuts wood and makes furniture.

Q: do you charge joiner's fees? i've got company of two people today. / i will be with two extra people in my party.

soa natural?
A: do you charge membership fee?
I have 2 extra people in my party.

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