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Q: O que significa jod?
A: Do you mean jot?

that means you quickly write down something

You jot down someone's number...

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre jod e carrier ?
A: A job is a position that is usually temporary. A career is more of a long term goal.

for example:
someone could have a job at a store, but their career could be Engineering.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre jod e work e i need this work e i need this job ?
A: @helloswift13 Job is a noun, while work can be either noun or verb.
I need a job.
mujhe ek naukri ki jarurat h.
I work in pepsi.
main Pepsi mein kaam krta hun.

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Q: ・How long did it take [her] to find a jod?
・How long did it take [him] to paint the bathroom?

About [ ] . Why isn't it [she] or [he] ?
A: [ ] are pronouns.

He/she/they are used for the subject of a sentence.
Him/her/them are used for the object of a sentence.

For example, you could say:
How long did it take her to find a job?
She took 2 weeks to find a job.
It took her 2 weeks to find a job.
Q: I will gain a jod as a doctor. soa natural?
A: Try "I will get a job as a doctor."

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