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Q: * Joachim sometimes jokingly refers to his secretary as his sidekick.
* His baby’s laughter is music to his ears.

"A “voice actor” is a person who provides a voice on a TV show, radio program, or automated recording. A voice actor must have a pleasant voice that is easy for people to understand. A voice actor must also enunciate very well and speak slowly.

Many voice actors are used for animated TV shows and movies, where each animated character in a cartoon has a different voice. Radio “soap operas" also use voice actors, although these shows are not as popular as they used to be. Most commercials have “voice-overs,” or “segments” where a voice speaks while images are being shown, perhaps telling listeners about the reasons to buy a product or service."
soa natural?
A: The one thing that stuck out for me was your pronunciation of “soap operas”, other than that, you’re very good :)

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