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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com jittison.
A: It's mostly for ships and airplanes, so it's not super common.
The spaceship captain jettisoned the escape pod with 3 crew members inside it.
The hot air balloon pilot had to jettison the ballast in order to quickly gain altitude. (I'm not a pilot/captain so hopefully these are right!)
We jettisoned the cigarette out the window when we heard our parents coming up the stairs. (so they wouldn't know we were smoking)

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Q: We had to jittison our trip on Chrismas last year due to the pandemic.

Is thus sentence correct ?
A: Postpone or cancel works better than jettison. "We had to cancel/postpone our trip on Christmas last year due to the pandemic." Jettison is more about getting rid of something you don't want, rather than getting rid of something out of necessity.

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