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Q: O que significa first-day jitters?
A: 'Jitters' is the nervousness you feel because of some sort of reason. So if you have 'first-day' jitters, it means you are nervous because of an event you experience for the first time in your life. Things such as a big exam or job interview etc.
Q: O que significa I've got the jitters so bad?
A: It means whoever is speaking is shaking incessantly, perhaps from nervousness or anxiety.
Q: O que significa jitters?
A: shaking because of nervousness

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com jitters.
A: He had a bad case of pre-wedding jitters. (nervous before a big event)

Inflation jitters sent the stock market tumbling. (economic worries)

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Q: I’m just feeling some jitters. soa natural?
A: Almost sounds natural but you could say " I’m feeling a bit jittery. "
Q: “I can feel the jitters creeping up”. What does this mean?
A: It depends on how it is being used. If someone is feeling restless, having a hard time sitting still, but they know they should behave well (such as in class, or at a job interview) they may say “I can feel the jitters creeping up” to show they are having a hard time sitting still. “Jitters” sometimes means movement, it could be twitching, or tapping the foot.

“Jitters” can also be used to describe a feeling of fear. If the person is somewhere scary, or they are afraid of being hurt, they may also say “I can feel the jitters creeping up.”
Q: Strangely enough, after he told me that, all the jitters and troubles were gone. soa natural?
A: I'd replace the "the" with "my," for "all my jitters and troubles were gone." Other than that, it's a good sentence.

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