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Q: From then on, Jiro became dependent on cannabis when he was stressed out. After a while, Shinji got to see Jiro studying in the library less frequently than before and noticed Jiro had got to cut classes often. soa natural?
A: "Got to cut" is somewhat American. We would say "had missed classes" or "been absent".
Q: Because Jiro often has an argument with his parents about his future these days, he feels more comfortable when he is with Shinji than his parents. He wants his parents to more respect his decision. soa natural?
A: Thank you for your answers, Vikkiqin, Jonathan and Igirisujin! I really appreciate them! :)
Q: If Jiro hadn't gone to that university, what kind of school do you think he would go to now? soa natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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