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Q: "And, Jiminy Cricket do the locals consider Muntz the bee's knees. And how!"

This is from the script of the film "Up".
If you saw the film and remember the scene, please answer me.
What does the line above mean?
Muntz is the adventurer from the begining of the movie, who set out on a trip with his dogs. Who is Jiminy Cricket? And the grammar is proper?
A: "The bee's knees" is an old-fashioned idiom meaning "cool" or "something special". Probably goes hand in hand with an other old idiom, "the cat's pajamas". No one says that nowadays except to sound old-fashioned. I'm not sure what I would say instead, maybe "hot stuff"?

"Jiminy Cricket" is a Disney property from the Pinocchio movie (the original talking cricket in the story Pinocchio did not have a name) - however this has no real relevance to this line. It's really more for emphasis, kind of a way of a corny way of saying OMG. It is for emphasis.

"And how" is also for emphasis and is also old fashioned sounding. It's like saying "Everything I said is true, and more!" He's just not just the coolest guy, all the ladies love him and all the guys want to be him. I hope that makes sense.

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