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Q: O que significa jibes?
A: Jibe, also spelled gibe, has two meanings.
One has old origins, and the other is a newer North American slang word.

¤(1) (1560s) Older Meaning: to make fun of, to mock, to taunt.


Directing a gibe at your boss is not a good way to earn his favor. 

The little boy started to cry when he heard a classmate make a gibe about him.

¤(2) (1813) North American Slang Meaning: to be the same as something, to agree, to be compatible.


It just doesn't jibe with the image you portray of the band.

My new coworker jibes with the others in the office.

North American pronunciation of gibe/jibe.

Jibe vs Gibe,Jibe
Q: O que significa jibe with something ?
A: If one statement or opinion jibes with another, it is similar to it and matches it
Q: O que significa jibe?
A: Jibe is to go against the wind, while sailing.

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com 1) jibes/a jibe 2) jabs/a jab.
A: jibes/jibeとは、古いスラングです。このごろ、あまり使われていません。

jabs/a jabとは馬鹿にする言葉です。それに、パンチの意味です。

たとえば、he took a jab at me and called me an ugly old woman. He won the fight with a left jab.(パンチ)

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre jibe with e in accord with ?
A: jibe is slang.
I've never heard anyone use it though.

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Q: jibe
Does this sound natural ?
A: Yes, your pronunciation is good!
Q: jibe
Does this sound natural ?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: jibe
Does this sound natural ?

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