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Q: O que significa Jess.?
A: "Jess" can be a short way to say/write the name "Jessica". That is the only thing I can think of when I see that right now.

Edit: Maybe the name Jessie too.
Q: O que significa "Wait till you see this!"

"Cool!" said Jess.
"Wait till you see this!" exclaimed Zack.?
A: ‘Wait till’ is an idiom that is used to emphasize that a future event is going to be very surprising, important etc.

「A」 made Jess said “Cool!”
Jack said “wait until you see 「B」” => 「B」 is an event in the future that Jack thinks is much cooler than 「A」
Q: O que significa I’m not happy about Jess going to Thailand alone. I’d sooner she were going with (her) friends.?
A: I'd sooner = I would prefer if
Q: O que significa Jess is a very emotioanl individual ?
A: Maybe she cries frequently, or gets angry, sad, or happy at times; more so than others??? Hard to say exactly what the person meant...🇺🇸

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Q: Jess had a birthday party. soa natural?
A: Thank you!
Q: ugly Jess soa natural?
A: 悪いことですけど…。
Q: Jess : Be mean

Nick : Look sharp, you dumb-ass

What's look sharp??
A: Look sharp means "look your best".

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