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Q: O que significa needed a large jeep to FEND OFF marauding kangaroo?
A: ": to defend oneself against (someone or something) "
Q: O que significa how would you translate "the jeep of skate "?? ?
A: I've never heard that before...

Did you mean:
Chief of State

Q: O que significa jeep up ?
A: I have never heard of that expression...sorry! or do you mean "keep up?"

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? jeep
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: on a jeep or in a jeep?
get out of the jeep or get off the jeep?
A: You would be in a Jeep if you were sitting in the seats….
If you’re sitting on the hood or roof, you’d be “on the Jeep”

I would say “get out of the Jeep” …..
unless they were sitting on the hood or the roof of the Jeep, then, I’d say “get off the Jeep”
Q: the jeep(vehicle) is coming soa natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: do you know jeep compass?i wanna buy one, is it a good car? what do you think about it?
A: "Are you familiar with the Jeep Compass? I was considering buying one. What do you think of them?"

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