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Q: #英文名字問題#
快開學了 我是日文系的學生~
我的日文名是しずな (我中文名字有「靜」這個字
最近想到一個 跟日文名字發音有點類似的"jeanna"
想請問大家這個名字在外國人眼中會不會覺得很奇怪呢? 謝謝🙏

A: I think that "Jeanna" is fine for an English name, especially if you want to keep the sound close to 靜. I don't think it's odd. Just plain "Jean(ne)" would be more customary, and there is a very traditional name, "Virginia," that is often shortened to "Jeannie" (the name of a character in a 1960s TV show). But "Jeanna" shouldn't draw any odd looks.

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