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Q: In Japane, We have Japanes transitional toy called 'Kendama'. soa natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What is Japane curry?

Japanese curry is usually served as ‘curry rice’, which is curry sauce on top of steamed rice.
Curry specialty restaurants can be found in cities throughout Japan. They serve various toppings on curry sauce like cutlets, stirred vegetables, a sunny-side-up and so on.
Curry was introduced to Japan by UK navy long time ago, and it has developed(or evolved) uniquely in Japan. Now I think it’s a Japanese cuisine. soa natural?
A: Evolved sounds better, because developed does not sound right for talking about this kind of stuff.

Or you can say that it “has been through many unique changes in Japan”
Q: In Japan, Disneyland has some Easter events, but I think Easter isn't as popular as Christmas or Halloween. soa natural?
A: You're so close! Japanese should be Japan.

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