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Q: Por favor, mostra-me como pronunciar Jap is saying to China that attack us, if you are confident in beating the US.
A: @nyangoro1115 I don't think it is fully corrected:

Japan is telling China, "Attack us if you are confident about beating the United States."
Q: Although I am a genuine Japanese, I call them Jap. soa natural?
A: The meaning is not conveyed. In English 'Jap' is quite an offensive term. Also, if you're Japanese, it's unnatural to refer to Japanese people as 'them'. It should be 'us' / 'we' since you by default are included.
Q: "Jap" contains contempt to Japanese at now? soa natural?
A: "Jap" sounds a little contemptuous to Japanese people now.

Don't say "contains contempt".
Say "Shows contempt" or "Is contemptuous"
Q: Calling Jap sounds disrespectful of Japanese people. soa natural?
A: Calling Japanese people Japs is disrespectful.

Calling Japanese people Japs sounds disrespectful = less impactful, and therefore incorrect, because the situation really is very disrespectful.

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