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Q: O que significa jackhammer?
A: : a 'jackhammer' is a mechanical instrument used to fracture hard surfaces like stone, concrete or tarmac. All 'jackhammers' I've ever seen in my whole life are activated by compressed air supplied by an engine-run compressor. Example sentences using 'jackhammer': 'the noise made by a jackhammer breaking the street pavement was almost unbearable', 'hey, Joe ! Use the jackhammer with a point chisel to make the hole in that wall !'. This is the picture of a jackhammer held by a road worker with the air compressor in the background on the left.
Q: O que significa jackhammer sex ?
A: This means that during sex the male (usually) is thrusting very hard and fast like a martillo neumático (jackhammer)

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Q: We need to rent a jackhammer soa natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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