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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? I’m Iranian
It's right!
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? Iranian take memorial picture over ruined Homes (city in Syria) in book Fair.
A: To describe this picture, you could say "An Iranian father gets a picture taken with his son, against an enlarged photograph of the ruined city of Homs, Syria at the book fair in Tehran today."

Or you could say "Iranians get their picture taken..."

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Q: What does " Iranian power further afield" (4th paragraph) mean?
What does "on the margins" (5th paragraph) mean?

“It is a fantasy to assume that Russia can in any way get Iran out of Syria,” said a Western diplomat who asked to remain unnamed to speak candidly. The country’s leaders have an investment to protect, after all: “Iran has expended billions of dollars and hundreds, thousands of lives to secure its position in Syria.”

A separate European official, who also requested anonymity to frankly share their government’s view, said the Americans found it “easier” to believe Moscow than do its U.S. partners. “Iran is taking its own decisions. That’s what we assess,” the official added.

Even as Russia and Iran have cooperated to support the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad against rebels who once received Western support, the two powers have quietly cultivated distinct and strong positions in the country.

Recent Israeli strikes on Iranian positions showed that Russian dominance is unlikely to fully address worries about the Islamic Republic despite Netanyahu’s rhetoric. Even after secretive Russia-Israel-U.S.-Jordan talks to slash the Iranian presence near Israeli borders, Israel has indicated its security is threatened by Iranian power further afield and has hit outposts in the east and the north.

“The escalation that we’ve seen in recent weeks between Israel and Iran suggests that the changes Russia would be able to deliver on Iran on the margins... is no longer sufficient for Israel,” the Western diplomat told HuffPost.

More Russian pressure on Iran is also unlikely because of the historic bond the two countries have developed over years of quarreling with the West and their shared interests in issues like the energy business and undermining the U.S.-led global order. Iranian officials and analysts are confident the relationship can survive a conversation between Trump and Putin ― particularly since Capitol Hill and the U.S. security establishment have severely limited Trump’s ability to offer Putin any major softening of America’s Russia policy in exchange.
A: “further afield” means further away. In the context, Israel is not just concerned with Iranian presence near the Israel border but also farther away from their borders.

Margins then is another way of saying the Israel border. One meaning of margin is border. So that paragraph is emphasizing the point made in the previous one. What Russian could do about the Iranian presence near Israel is no longer enough for Israel.
Q: Iranian people use salt and oil more than their dishes need them to cook. soa natural?
A: Iranian people use salt and oil more than necessary. You could also say "Iranian people use salt and oil in excess"

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