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Q: O que significa inlet?
A: an inlet is an opening for something to go in. This is usually only used with water, or maybe air.
Q: O que significa inlet valve?
A: A valve is a device that allows for control over the flow of a substance. (e.g., liquids or gases) An inlet valve typically paired with an outlet valve on some sort of container. The inlet valve is reserved to allow for control of substances going into the container, and the outlet valve to control the outward flow of the same container.
Q: O que significa inlet and outlet?
A: In this diagram; inlet means entry and outlet is the way out.
Q: O que significa inlet ?
A: it's an opening/hole/passage

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com on the inlet.
A: An inlet can be a bay or cove on the water.
The writer found a tiny cabin on the inlet where she could write without being disturbed.

An inlet can also be a place of entry “air inlet
I put my coat on the inlet because there was too much cold air coming in.

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