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Q: O que significa infatuate?
A: 「のぼせ上がらせる」「夢中にさせる」という意味ですが、使い方としては、過去分詞が形容詞化した infatuated 「夢中になった」「のぼせた」を使い、I'm infatuated with him. 「私は彼に夢中です」のように使います。
Q: O que significa infatuate?
A: To be inspired with a passion. You can be infatuated with people or things, also places.

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com infatuate.
A: "she is infatuated with him."
"I am infatuated with her "
"infatuation is the state of being in love or awe."

This word is very uncommon and rarely used in conversation.

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