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Q: O que significa do not swear by the inconstant moon?
A: that sounds like old English or very dramatic English. But it means that since the moon moves, and looks different every night, do not swear on it, because it is not reliable.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre inconstant e eccentric ?
A: inconstant = inconsistent/changing "He is the most inconstant person I know."
eccentric = irregular/different from ordinary "The eccentric old millionaire was a mystery to his neighbors.

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Q: What you said before and what you are saying now is different. You are inconstant. soa natural?
A: "You are being inconsistent" Or "What you said before doesn't agree to what you're saying now"
Q: She is so inconstant.
soa natural?
A: She is so inconsistent.
She's so inconsistent

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