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Q: O que significa incite?
A: animar, promover, causar, desencadenar
Más común con 'violencia'
Trump's remarks incite violence = hay más violencia por sus comentarios
Q: O que significa incite?
A: I agree, “incite” is a little strong here. I’d use “invite”!
Q: O que significa incite a scurry ?
A: incite = cause; make happen; create action
scurry = quick movement across small area; walk quickly in confined space

Often mice "scurry"

So, altogether: someone/something causes people/animals to move quickly to somewhere


The cat incited a scurry when he inserted his paw in the mouse hole.

My boss incited a scurry when she caught us taking too long of a lunch break.

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com To incite .
A: He bugged her to incite anger.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre incite e incent / incentivize ?
A: “Incite” means “encourage,” and it usually has negative connotations:

“His hateful speech incited violence.”

“Incent,” and the more common, “incentivize,” both mean, “to provide incentive,” or, “to motivate by providing some kind of benefit.”

“Our boss incentivized hard work with a pizza party.”
Q: Qual é a diferença entre incite e abet ?

1.Incite = to make someone excited to do do bad, it's like 'induction'

2. abet = to not only excite someone to do bad but also help them, like providing facilities and means to do them. (like providing weapons to the criminals)
Q: Qual é a diferença entre incite e instigate ?
A: Incite is more commonly used for large-scale things ("His comments may incite a riot") while instigate is more broad, so it can be used for smaller things ("she instigated the mischief") but they're similar enough that they are very often interchangeable.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre incite e instigate e foment ?
A: “Foment” and “incite” are basically the same, as they both mean to encourage or stir up negative/bad behavior. Although “instigate” is the same in the sense in that an action is being encouraged or pushed, it’s different in the sense that it’s not always used in a negative context—it can be, but it’s not 100% a bad thing like “foment” and “incite”.
Personally, I’ve rarely heard the word “foment” used; I’ve only seen it in scholarly articles. I most commonly see instigate, because it has many more uses.
In short:
Foment=Not common, Implies bad event
Incite=Kind of common, Implies bad event
Instigate=Common, can imply either good or bad events

Hope it wasn’t too confusing! Hope it helps!!
Q: Qual é a diferença entre incite e instigate e foment ?
A: These are all excellent words and sound very advanced.

They all mean much the same thing - to encourage or trigger something (usually something negative)

Incite and instigate - usually used with something aggressive like violence or fear or a war.
Foment means much the same thing but has a slightly different connotation - it implies that there is a bit more secrecy and the action is less obvious - eg to foment dissent or to foment a revolution.

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Q: What's "incite to" followed by? — gerund or infinitive?
E.g. Can I say "he incited us to run away" or I need to say "he incited us to running away" instead?
A: “He incited us to run away.” is correct :)

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