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Q: O que significa Hit a homer?
A: Hit a home run (like in baseball). It can also mean that you did something really well.

"Mark really hit a homer when he got an A+ on his math test."

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (RU)? homer simpson the cartoon character
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Q: Hello. What does homer mean in " You got it homer. " Please?
A: It depends on how this phrase was told and to whom.
Homer in slang is when someone has done or said something that is moronic.
However it can also mean home-run.
Q: (1) Because of the homer, the game went back to square one.

(2) Because of the homer, the game became a draw again. soa natural?
A: It can apply to more than sports! Such as “the investigation lead to a dead end, so the detectives were back at square one.”
Q: Why is homer triggered in this meme? Why is he mad? What am I missing?
A: @Ebubekir26 I'm guessing he's mad because she said "You're as smart as you are handsome"

Homer isn't handsome, meaning he isn't smart.
Q: homer:I don't have friends, I'm alone.
marge:It's me too. No problem. You are here.
homer:OH, Not same.l'm here for you, But l'm the only one for me.


soa natural?
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