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Q: O que significa The Amazing Spider-Man 2にて、
Hey, I need, uh, Tech Ops up here right now.
The phones are down. Somebody go down and grab Tech Ops.

grab Tech Ops. ?
A: technical operations. they are the people that would be in charge of the phones in a big company.
Q: O que significa ‏ماذا يعني
Hey guys I was just watching Rick and Morty and I came upon those new phrases, could you please help me out
1:Did we tee you up?
2:Let's not overdo it.
3:I am pretty behind on this one.
4:Drinking coffee makes you (loopy).

A: 1. Did I make you angry?
2. Let's not do too much.
3. I am late or I am one of the last to find out something.
4. The caffeine from coffee can changes how you feel and one slang word (not often used) is 'loopy'.
Q: O que significa 어떤 외국인이 Hey love and ___(문장) 이렇게 적었는데 love를 한번만난 사이에도 쓸수있어요? ?
A: 무엇에 관한 질문입니까?
Q: O que significa 1- Hey big shoes

2 - stripped bare?
A: Stripped bare means everything has been taken from you. I’m not sure about number one though sorry.

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com “Ruffled and messy”
Hey guys, could we say ruffled hair instead of messy hair? I know ruffled is used for clothes but how about hair? Could you give me some sentence? Thank you!.
A: My instinct is probably no, because "to ruffle someone's hair" is to mess up their hair with your hand, so to me "ruffled hair" sounds like hair that has just been touched by someone. I think that's not quite what you're going for?

We do have another word that's sometimes used for clothes, "tousled," that gets used for hair a lot.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre I love Hey Jude among The Beatles' songs. e I love Hey Jude in The Beatles' songs. e I love Hey Jude from The Beatles' songs. ?
A: The first one is saying "I love Hey Jude from The Beatle's in particular. The second one doesn't work. The third one works if you don't say "songs" at the end.

"I love Hey Jude from the Beatles'"

you can also say

"I love Hey Jude by The Beatles'"

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? ——- Hey guys! hope you’re in the pink! which of these is correct? “ I’ve called you for several times/several times? thanks!
A: I’ve called you several times/ I called you many times
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (RU)? ——- Hey guys! hope you’re in the pink! which of these is correct? “ I’ve called you for several times/several times? thanks!
A: Without the "for" =)
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? ——- Hey guys! I hope you’re doing great! plz consider this: “I would have called you, but I didn't know your number (or) but I hadn’t knew your number” which one sounds natural? thanks!
A: I would’ve called you but I didn’t know your number.

You can also say:

I would’ve called you but I didn’t have your number.
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (RU)? —— Hey guys! what’s the difference between “how long were you together” and “how long did you stay together” can I use these sentences interchangeably? many thanks!
A: They are interchangeable, usually. But depending on the situation you might want to choose one or the other.

A: Back then I was still married to my wife.
B: How long did you stay together?
A: Until she died!

(So, it can sound insensitive, if B knew A had lost his wife. "How long were you together" is a safer choice.)

Also, you can't really ask a question like, "How long did you stay together before you had children?" (It sounds like there's a direct connection between staying together and making children.) It should be "How long were you together before you had children?" (or "How long had you been together before you had children?").
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (RU)? — Hey guys! as you can see the underlined sentence, is it incorrect as it should be “of a great use”? they didn’t write the article “a” before use, are they correct? thanks!
A: (I think you were asking if the underlined part was correct)
The sentence is still correct and would actually make more sense without the "a" before "great use". This is because they are referring to how it will be helpful or could contribute in a positve way. It doesn't have a specific "great use" but says how it will be good in general. Hope I made sense :)

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Q: Could you check any of my strange English here?

Hey Mike. Are you okay? It was too long.
★ Yes, of course I admit that I am to blame for this, but why did he have to scold me so badly?
☆ Did he say anything specific, like denying your credit?
★ He said nothing about credit, but he gave me extra homework. I need to write an essay about Anthropology by the end of this month.
☆ That's better than being suspended from school. You need to be responsible for your behavior. I told you that you were very noisy and should be quiet.
★ I wasn't talking so much. My friend sitting right next to me was messing with me. I will never do something like this.
A: Looks good. It’s perfect!
Q: <Thought >-
Hey~Namshan, where is your mind?
What are you thinking about right now?

I know what you think, you want to go home? You are missing mom and dad? Right? Is it right?

.*Littel puppy Namshan is sitting front at a balcony, and she is lost in deep thought, looks like a little philosopher.

<A Short Break>

Jjang-a is taking a short break right now.
He leans on a chair, closes his eyes, and has a rest .
He looks so tired.
I know the reason. It's because that naughty Namsan doesn't stop bothering him. .

(*Namshan- 4 months old Jack ressel terrior . She has a awful lot of energe.
(*Jjang-a -12years old shunauzer. He just wants to be left in peace, would like to have his rest. )

Here are their pictures :=> ^.*
soa natural?
A: "I know what you're thinking"

"Am I right?"

"Little puppy Namshan is sitting in front of a balcony, she is lost in deep thought, and looks like a little philosopher."

"He leans in his chair, closes his eyes, and rests."
Q: ●ˍ●
Hey, my name is rouda i'm 15 I Wanna improve my English, German if you willing to help me just message me i'm always reply soa natural?
A: Instead of saying I'm always reply say I.But apart from that it's great!
Q: ある文章で
Hey,isn't the manager cute?

A: あのマネージャーかわいくない?



The manager isn't cute, is she?

The manager isn't cute, right?

Q: ある文章で
Hey,isn't the manager cute?

A: 否定で始まる疑問文は、





Aren't you busy tonight?

You're busy tonight, right?







Don't you want to go shopping?

Aren't you angry?


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