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Q: O que significa Now I see the greens and the blues and the yellows?
A: I think it means that I could not see these colors before, but for some reason now I can. Maybe it’s a picture and now it’s in better light, so colors can now be seen.
Q: O que significa Eat your greens?
A: Eat your vegetables
Q: O que significa to squeeze greens?
A: Ah. "Greens" refers to a green vegetable, usually leafy, like spinach.

Something that you usually do to spinach in recipes is to blanch it, which means to briefly cook it in boiling water. Once you do that, though, it becomes full of water, so you often need to squeeze it out afterwards (i.e. hold it in your hand and squeeze).

Which is to say, you squeeze the greens.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre There are a few greens in the desert. e There are few greens in the desert. e There is not much greenery in the desert ?
A: "few" is used when describing a very small amount of something, like in an instance when that thing isn't enough, or adequate, like, "there are few books available, which can mean that the books aren't adequate for everybody.

"a few" can be said to be "just enough," for example, "there are a few men who can make it across the desert," meaning, there are just enough men to cross the desert.

as is usually the case in english, there is a lot of nuance in this situation, but these are just the bare basics.

so, in the examples you gave, i'd say that "there are a few greens in the desert" is more appropriate, if the message you want to pass across is, "don't lose hope; the desert still has some vegetation in it :)"

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (RU)? What does "remember to eat your greens" mean figuratively speaking?
A: Literally, "your greens" in this use means the vegetables on your plate.

Do we have a figurative use for this ... ?

Figuratively, this could be used to suggest that you remember to take the healthy option - do your stretches and exercises, detox if you need to, keep calm, do the things that make you healthy.

It could also stretch to mean something like: be good and compliant, be a good little citizen, don't rock the boat, don't make trouble. The urban dictionary favours or suggests this approach (substituting "vegetables" for "greens"), but I've rarely heard it used that way .. .

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Q: I eat greens simply for my health. soa natural?

Good 👍

Q: We got greens we got fish
A: He says “It’s halal meat”. I am assuming this man is Muslim then, since “halal” refers to meat prepared as prescribed by Muslim law.
Q: Where did greens come out? (この植物はどこから生えてきたの?) soa natural?
A: Where did this plant come from?

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