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Q: O que significa If you have ever seen it, you would be surprised

is this correct grammer??
A: If you ever saw it, you would be surprised.

If you had ever seen it, you would have been surprised.
Q: O que significa Could you fix the grammer and context in this writhing please ? ! Before that, i hope you not misunderstand about eating snail 🥲 i have no intention to belittle this. Thank you 🥰?
A: This is really good. Just a few things: snail and eating can be lower case (snail instead of Snail).

Also, a comma is needed after whole (eat whole, live octopus).

“A lot of Korean” would be a lot of Koreans (plural) or a lot of Korean people.

We would also say, “if you need to be respected (rather than receive respect)”.

Lastly, “an important way to live well”. Important is a vowel sound so you would use “an” instead of “a”.

Really great job though. All of these are very small items.
Q: O que significa I saw this in Norwegian grammer, Do you know what this red line mean??
A: The words in red marks show two Norwegian words, the English translation, and the Norwegian present tense of the verb. So "å være" is directly translated to "to be", and "er" is the same as "am/are/is".

"Å gjøre" means "to do" and is the same as "do/does" in present tense. I think the page is mainly meant to show how Norwegian uses "skal" in sentences to make the talk be about the future.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? Going back to bring him back was going to be boring.

is it correct in grammer?
A: It's wrong in my point of view. But you can rather say "Going back there and bring him here would be boring"
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? "He inform me to go." I don't know if "inform" can use in this grammer, would you please help me?
A: It’s close! You want to use “inform” in the past-tense form since you are talking about what happened after it already happened. Therefore you would want to use “informed.” So it would be “he informed me to go.”
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? I didn't try to memorize the grammer, just put myself to the english environment
A: I didn’t try to memorize the grammar, I just dove right in to English.
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (RU)? can you tell me how I improve my English and grammer language ...
A: Can you tell me how to improve my English?

There are many ways that you can teach yourself English and practise English. Listen to and speak English every day, and read and write English every day. Using English every day will help you to learn English faster.

Set all the devices you have – iPhone, laptop, and others – to English. And set the websites and social media you’re using to English – like Google, Facebook, and any other website that you can change the language on. If you want to study British English, make sure it’s set to English (UK).

Grammarly. Put Grammarly on your devices. You can get the Grammarly app free. It will check your grammar and help you to learn English. There is also a premium version of Grammarly that you can pay for and it has a few extra features, but I only have the free version and I like it.

Dictionary. You need a good English dictionary. I like the Oxford Learner's Dictionary. You can listen to a native speaker pronounce each word.

The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary was made for English learners, but I use it all the time because I like it. I can listen to the pronunciation of any word and I like the clear, simple meanings. And it has other features that I use all the time. It gives verb tenses, idioms, and other information.
And I keep the Paperback Oxford English Dictionary on my desk.

Grammar in Use. Get the books "Essential Grammar in Use" and "English Grammar in Use" by Raymond Murphy. These books will help you learn English grammar.

Post-it notes

You can write the English words and stick them on the things in your house. It can be anything – door, wall, table, chair, bed, kitchen. You should do this for anything that is hard for you to remember, and anything that you've just learnt. This will help you to remember the English words for things that you see every day.

YouTube. YouTube is a great tool for learning languages. There are many English teachers on YouTube, and there are news videos and fun videos that you can watch. And there are videos that give tips about how you can improve your English.
• Nine fun ways to practise languages
• Language Learning Tips and Tricks | Get Fluent Faster
• Great Tips for Learning British English | Lucy from “English with Lucy” Interview [Korean Billy]

Other tools

ITalki, Audible, Lingoda, and other apps are recommended by the best English teachers. I haven’t used these apps, but they seem to be very effective.
• Audible
• Grammarly
• Imitation lessons with Emma
• Lingoda – Lucy (English with Lucy)
• Oxford Learner’s Dictionary
• Audible – recommended by Lucy:
• Audible – recommended by Emma:
• iTalki – recommended by Lucy:
• iTalki – recommended by Anna:
• AnkiApp might also be useful. I’m not familiar with this app, but flashcards are an effective way to learn vocabulary and an electronic flash card app could be very effective.

HiNative. And, of course, you can ask questions here on HiNative.


Reading is a great way to increase your English vocabulary. Read any book in English that you’ve already read in your native language. You already know what is happening, so you will understand more of the English because of the context.
Here are 9 books that are recommended for English learners.

Reading a book while you're listening to the audiobook is great because you can hear how the word is pronounced while you’re looking at it.


You can keep a diary or a notebook in English. Writing in English will give you good practice. And writing what you have learned about English will help you to remember it.


There are many English teachers on YouTube. Find one who you like a and listen to them. I will give you a few of my favourites, but there are many others and you should find one who you like.
• Here are some of the best English teachers on YouTube.
• Anna (English Like a Native)
• Emma (mmmEnglish)
• Harry and Charlie (Real English with Real Teachers)
• Jack (To Fluency)
• Lucy (English with Lucy)
• Vicki & Jay (Simple English Videos)

You can listen to any English video on YouTube. Find a channel in English that you like and subscribe to it. Listening to an English channel that you like will help you learn how to talk in English about the things you like.

Listening to comedians in English is a great way to learn vocabulary and hear the natural pronunciation because they make jokes about many different subjects and they speak the way people speak every day. And if you think the joke is funny then you know you’ve understood the English. (I know I should list only three or four examples, but there are so many of them that I find hilarious!)
• Adam Hills Live at the Apollo
• America is England’s fault.
• Daliso Chaponda All Performances – Britain’s Got Talent 2017 3rd Place Winner
• Dara O’Briain: Science doesn’t know everything
• Ed Byrne – Different Class – Traditions
• Frankie Boyle Live at the Apollo
• Henning When Live at the Apollo
• Holly Walsh Live at the Apollo
• Jimmy Carr – Live at the Apollo (part 1)
• Jimmy Carr – Live at the Apollo (part 2)
• Micky Flanagan – Live at the Apollo
• Rich Hall – Live at the Apollo 10/10/2005 (Part 1 of 2)
• Rich Hall – Live at the Apollo 10/10/2005 (Part 2 of 2)
• Romesh Ranganathan Live at the Apollo
• Sarah Millican Live at the Apollo

Listening to the news in English is great because they speak a slightly more formal English.

• BBC News
• Sky News

And here are a lot of other channels in English that will help you and you might enjoy.

• Jen Dre (German Girl in London)
• Joel & Lia (Being British)
• Korean Billy
• Laurence (Lost in the Pond)
• Mosco Moon (Wee Scottish Lass)

And if you’re interested in the UK, you can listen to random videos like these ones.

• Stephen Fry welcomes you to Heathrow #UKGuide
• 6 Great English Places Outside of London
• Cardiff Wales – A Journey with Charlotte Church

You can listen to audiobooks read by Stephen Fry.

You can get audiobooks from Audible. And Audible is recommended by both Lucy and Emma.

And again, you can read a book while you’re listening to it. Reading a book while you're listening to the audiobook is great because you can hear how the word is pronounced while you’re looking at it.

You can watch TV series in English on YouTube and on Netflix.
• Mind Your Language Season 1 Episode 1

And you can watch movies in English.

You can learn English with songs. Music is a powerful memory aid. You can learn the English words to a song and sing it with the recording or sing it when you’re alone. You can learn any song that you like. Here is a video that might help you.
11 Songs for English Fluency [Learn English With Music]


Speaking to someone who’s fluent in English every day is the best way to learn to speak and understand English. They can be a native English speaker or another English learner. Speak English whenever you can. Are you taking an English class? Always speak to your classmates in English when you're in class and when you're not in class. Do you have a dog? Talk to your dog in English. Do you have a friend? Teach your friend how to speak English.
If you don't have any of these, or if your friend doesn't want to learn English, talk to yourself in English. Now, I know that talking to yourself sounds mental (crazy), but it really will help you. Talk to yourself while you're going to work. Talk to yourself while you’re shopping. Talk to yourself while you're doing housework. Talk to yourself in English all the time. It will help you remember what you've learned.

Best of luck to you!
Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? I have to care about grammer, pronunciation, character writing and so on as well as when I study individually.
A: I think it might sound a little more natural like this:

I have to care about grammar, pronunciation, handwriting, and so on when I study individually.

I have to care about such things as grammar, pronunciation, and handwriting when I study individually.

I focus on grammar, pronunciation, and handwriting when I study individually.

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Q: I don't understand about this grammer" should be to "

quote)The effort should be to stop them from getting guns.

I learned that "be to"has the meaning of "should".
In other words this sentence, I think, has double "should".
it's a little weird😵

Please teach me what this "should be to" imply.🙏💦
A: you are right! English speakers don’t like to repeat nouns in their sentences, but tend to add in unnecessary verbs, adjectives, and adverbs because they like to really emphasize the point they are trying to make.

However, in this case, “should be to” can be split up as in “should be” being the helping verb that sets up the actual action of the sentence “to stop”. “Should be” describes the subject and sets up the verb while “to stop” is the action being done.

“should” implies that “stopping” needs to happen but not directly saying so, and if you took away “should”, you would loose that meaning. “be to” is saying that “the effort is to stop them from getting guns”, which it is not, but it should be.
Q: It's more important for me to be able to speak English naturally than to master grammer. soa natural?
A: "‎It's more important for me to be able to speak English naturally, than to master grammer."

The use of a comma < , > separates a part of a sentence where you would pause. It is commonly used before the word "than" and so forth. Something for you to study, maybe. Haha. :)
Q: I'm not good English grammer. soa natural?
A: "I’m not good at English grammar" is a more correct way to say it
Q: Could you correct it to sound more natural?
''I want to improve my English grammer and focus on reading paragraph with speed ''
A: "focus on reading quickly"
Q: Could you please correct my grammer mistakes? Can you make it to sound more natural?

Look! I've got these fresh tometos. I want grow tomatos in my gaden,too. Tomatos are really good in this season. I got right down to make some fresh tomato juice mixed with an orange juice. There you go! I can finish up drinking whole bottle of the juice maker that's probably doesn't sound like my feminine side though...?! It does simply so good!
A: Hey look I've got theses fresh tomatoes. We should grow more tomatoes in our garden. I belive tomatoes grow better during this time of year. I've mixed tomatoe juice and orange juice and it tasted pretty good. I can finish the whole bottle by myself. I know that doesn't seem very lady-like but its just so good!

(Hope this is okay. O please thank for the help as well)

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