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Q: O que significa funky?
A: prior to their answer. It may also mean not normal, or just not the same as the normal.
Q: O que significa "I have a funky feeling"?
A: @overrunie I would say yes, you can. It may not be the best word to use, I think it's slang to use "funky" that way, but I think most native English speakers would completely understand and not think anything of it.
Q: O que significa funky vibe?
A: @Ri-na Funky has a lot of meanings.

In music it is a syncopated dance feel.

In design or clothes it is edgy and creative.

Normally a funky vibe would be a cool effect or a cool atmosphere.

‘The club had a funky vibe’ - it was a cool, fashionable place.

Funky is not really specific.
Q: O que significa funky groove?
A: it usually means music that sounds good, that makes you want to dance. another slang way of saying it is "jam"
Q: O que significa How funky is your chicken? How loose is your goose? ?
A: Haha. The song is incredibly silly and meant to be playful. Funky is like how well can you dance like a chicken. Funky means cool. African Americans who grew up in the 70s said it a lot. Not so much now. Loose means what it usually means. Goose is a metaphor for your body. How fluid or cool you are. Goose can also mean your butt. Not the animal lol. How well can you wiggle your hips? How loose is your goose?
The two questions is basically tell you to show how well you can do a certain dance. The funky chicken. Did I help?

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Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com funky.
A: She wears really funky clothes.
Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com what's mean funky .
A: Thank you so much
Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com funky.
A: "Something smells kind of funky" meaning something smells gross or off.

"Your shoes are funky" meaning cool or retro

"Play that funky music" this one is hard to explain but it's referring to danceable music like disco

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre funky e punky ?
A: Thank you so much!! It really helps a lot!!

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Q: Which one is right?

It’s nice and funky and is loved by many people.

It’s nice and funky and it’s loved by many people.
A: I personally like, ( is loved by many people)
Q: What does "funky" mean? If I said "he looks funky" what would come to your mind?
A: When I first think of the word “funky,” I think of something that is weird, or smells weird (from where I come from, that meaning is more popular)
However, funky also means cool/trendy or groovy in terms of music (funk especially)
Q: You are really "funky".
(I actually want to say "You are really "interesting".)

And if possible, please give me your suggestions.
Q1. Is the word of "funky" misleading expression?

Q2. If I say to a friend of mine while enjoying, how does the friend receive it?
Disgusting? Coward? Gloomy? interesting? Or something else? soa natural?
A: "Funky" can have both a negative and positive connotation.
Some people say "funky" to describe something smelly while other people say "funky" to describe something that is cool to them. Then there are those who use "funky" to describe funk music.

Most people, or at least the people from where I live, don't use "funky" as often. If we want to describe something interesting, we would say "that's cool," for example. So, depending on the situation you're in, the word "funky" isn't really misleading. It's just kind of weird to say as a compliment nowadays.

If you say it to a friend, (s)he won't be disgusted, maybe just a bit surprised that you chose to use that term instead of a more common term.
Q: I ate funky chicken yesterday soa natural?
A: ^^ PandaZim is correct. You should add "some" before funky
Q: What does "funky" mean most time?
A: This is a difficult word to describe. Please google image search FUNKY. I think you will understand it

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