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Q: O que significa exude?
A: It literally means a substance leaking out of something

But it is mainly used to show a person strongly projects a certain quality.

Most common use -

To exude confidence, charm, maybe class.

basically positive attributes that can ‘come across’ strongly through a person’s body language, the way they speak, the clothes they wear etc.

Q: O que significa exude ?
A: To give off (literally or figuratively)

He exudes confidence.
Sweat exudes from pores.

Example sentences using "Exude"

Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com exude.
A: “Expired milk exudes a sour smell.”

“That man exudes a lot of confidence.”
Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com exude.
A: I have NEVER heard of “exude” in my life, nor have any but 1 of my friends. There are no common expressions with “exude.” I think it’s an extremely uncommon word.

But for your sake, “exude” means to release/discharge slowly.

• The baby exuded from the mother during birth.
• My sadness exuded as the movie played on.
• As the cat became more comfortable in the new house, she exuded from her hiding spot.
• I want to exude from my room but I’m too intensely scared of socializing to do that.
• My body is exuding odor.
Q: Mostra-me frases de exemplo com exude

A: She exudes confidence. (Everyone can see that she is very confident)
He exudes hate. (Everyone can see that he is a hateful person)
The curry exuded off him. (He was sweating it out)

Synonyms of "Exude" and their differences

Q: Qual é a diferença entre exude e emanate ?
A: Exude can be used as an adverb for moisture or smell.
It means something similar to "discharge". You can use "exude" the same way you would use the word, "ooze".

For example; Slime exuded out of the frog's skin.

Emanate is used as an adverb for a feeling, sensation or quality.

For example; Warmth emanated from the fireplace.

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