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Q: O que significa in one's entirety?
A: "In its entirety" = all of it, not leaving any part out
Q: O que significa in its/their entirety?
A: It means "100%".

"Almost no one reads the dictionary in its entirety: they flip to relevant entries instead of reading through start to finish."
Q: O que significa 'I think I’ve driven the entirety of the M6'
What is M6??
A: Highway and freeway are US English words. We in the UK use "main roads", "trunk roads" or "motorways" (although the legal term "highway" is used as well, but not in everyday conversation...)

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Q: What does "the entirety to be tattooed at the corner of one's eye" mean?
A: native speaker here… this phrase is so weird 😭😭 i don’t have any idea honestly. it’s trying to be fancy but it just says nonsense
Q: "the entirety of your back"
"your entire back"
"your whole back"

what are the differences?
A: "The entirety of" sounds poetic. The other two are common and used in everyday English.
Q: What does "the entirety i had tf2 booted up i mainly killed my bf" mean?

the entirety i had tf2 booted up i mainly killed my bf
didnt mean it genuinely
A: The entirety: the entire time

tf2 is a first person shooter game(team fortress 2)

Booted up means started up a game or computer

Bf: boyfriend

Thus, the sentence means
The whole time I was played TF2, I killed my boyfriend’s character in the game
Q: entirety ex:The teacher make the students stand up in their entirety. Please help me correct the above sentence. Thank you. soa natural?
A: "The teacher makes..." or "The teacher made..."

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