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Q: O que significa Those interested in earning dollars?
A: People who want to make money (dollars, specifically, it seems).
Q: O que significa The earning calendar is very light ?
A: Not a clue, how was that phrase used in sentence?
Q: O que significa The earning calendar is very light ?
A: In this context very light is being used to say the earnings calendar doesn't have a lot of content. If you think of the earnings calendar as printed document of earning announcements and other financial news, very light indicates there are not a lot of pages to it. Hope that helps.

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre It feels terrific to be earning some money e I feel terrific to be earning some money ?
A: There’s no difference, it’s just preference.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre earning e profit ?
A: Earning is the total money earned, and profit is total money earned minus what you spent to earn that money.

If you bought $50 dollars worth of stuff, and sold it for $100, your earnings are $100, and your profit is $50.
Q: Qual é a diferença entre earning e earring ?
A: Earning - something you get for doing work.

Earring - a piece of jewelry women put on their ear.

Earning: "How much are you earning at work?"
"I'm earning a lot of money."

Earring - "You have really beautiful earrings!"
Q: Qual é a diferença entre earning e income ?
A: They are similar but the difference is that "earnings" are part of someone's "income".

Earnings typically refer to wages and salary that someone makes by working.

Income is any money that a person receives. It can include working salary/wage and it can also include money from the government. It can be from any source.

Example: my income = my salary + government pension + interest earned from the bank.

I hope that helps. Let me know if it is confusing!

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (EUA)? whatever you chooses for earning money,
there are always pros and cons. the thing important is you are the only one in charge of you. others doesn't.

is it natural ??
or it doesn't make sense?
please i want to hear more details.
A: Whatever job/career you choose (to earn money), there are pros and cons. The most important thing is that you are (the only one) in charge of yourself.

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Q: I plan on earning money as a designer by this fall at the latest.

soa natural?
A: You could also say it as:
"By this fall at the latest, I plan in earning money as a designer."
Q: If you obtain earning 10 points you can to get free a cup of drink. soa natural?
A: If you earn 10 points you can get a free drink.
Q: earning a living straight after school is not such a bad choice soa natural?
A: Great! ...Is Taehyung your profile picture? 😅
Q: 1. That's exactly what is important in earning money
2. This is a picture of me and my girlfriend when we visited the Jeju island.
soa natural?
A: "This is a picture of my girlfriend and I when we were at the Jeju island"
Q: By earning money by themselves, students can be more responsible for their spending. soa natural?
A: Hi Rina this is my version.

From earning money by themselves, students can purchase anything they want.

Saying "By earning money by themselves, students can be more responsible for their spending." This makes sense but fluent english speakers would not say this. This is the reason why I have marked it as "A little unnatural". I hope this helps you on your quest to be fluent in English! : )

Kind regards, Ricky

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