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Q: O que significa diggers?
A: well, I see I wanted to know your own explanation of the word "digger" but I think I asked a difficult question, I'm sorry

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre digger e excavator ?
A: Excavator is the industry term to differentiate that specific machine from other digging machines. Digger is a layman's/general term for all digging machines.

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Q: Como é que se diz isto em Inglês (RU)? digger

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Q: The digger is coverd in dirt /
The digger god dirty / soa natural?
A: × The digger is coverd in dirt /
✓ The digger is covered in dirt.

× The digger god dirty /
✓ The digger got dirty.

"Digger" isn't that common of a word in the US. Do you mean "shovel"?
Q: can you say
this digger is malfunctioning.
that's a digger malfunction.
A: Yes though both have different meanings. The first would refer to the digger, whereas the second refers to a reported or observed action performed by the digger.
Q: the digger is covered in sand ( I mean there is sand all over it but it's not buried)
when you have some sand on your hands can you say it likewise
A: Yes - you can say, for example, "His hands were covered in sand"

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