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Q: O que significa decrepit?
A: Something that is decrepit is in very bad condition. Typically, it is also old. It can be a person or a thing. For example, "a decrepit old house" or "a decrepit old man."
Q: O que significa decrepit selection of cookies?
A: "Decrepit selection of cookies" means that they had very few cookies to choose from, and they were probably pretty bad or old, too.
Q: O que significa grazed at a decrepit selection of cookies and lemonade?
A: I absolutely love this book, and it means they ate a little bit of cookies and drank a little bit of lemonade, not really wanting it
Q: O que significa we walked, wheeled in and grazed at a decrepit selection of cookies and lemonade. ?
A: I think the word should be "gazed" as in "I gazed at the cookies".

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Q: Qual é a diferença entre decrepit e ancient e old ?
A: decrepit is used to describe something that is: worn out due to its old age or neglect

“This building from the 1800s is decrepit, the roof is missing”

Ancient: very old, belonging to the distant past and no longer in existence

“The ancient civilization of Mesopotamia”

Old: something that has existed for a long time

“The old man is using a cane. The old food must be thrown away, the sun is as old as time”
Q: Qual é a diferença entre dilapidated or decrepit e or ramshackle ?
A: there isn't much of a difference

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