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Q: O que significa DC?
A: Detective Constable
Q: O que significa DC?
A: As in Washington DC?
Q: O que significa DC?
A: District of Columbia

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Q: ()transportation is really good in DC.
A: (public) transportation is really good in DC.
Q: It means they only announced it to ruin the DC business. soa natural?
A: It means they only announced it to hurt the DC's business

(DC is dreamcast?)
Q: About the DC superhero comic movie,Which sentence in the movie moves you the most?
A: In Justice League I liked this Alfred-Bruce Wayne exchange:

A: “I don’t recognize this world,”

BW: “I don’t need to recognize it. I just need to save it.”
Q: I also experienced when I was in DC
soa natural?
A: "The same thing happened to me when I was in DC." or "I did the same thing when I was in DC."(depending on meaning)
Q: Hey y'all what's better DC or Marvel?
A: Deadpool

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