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Q: O que significa I recently saw this Dateline piece about a retirement facility in Maryland.?
A: Dateline is a documentary/news television show. A retirement facility is a place for elderly people to live and receive help with food, medicine, cleaning, etc. So this sentence means, "I saw a TV show about an elderly care facility in Maryland."

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Q: What does "Dateline could use it to attract predators." mean?

Leonard: I'm still tweaking things a little bit, but this will give you the general idea of the Web site. So, what do you guys think?
Howard: (after Raj whispers to him) Uh, pretty much any way I say that is going to hurt his feelings.
Leonard: Okay, what's wrong with it?
Sheldon: - What's wrong with it?
Leonard: Not you. I wasn't asking you. Penny?
Penny: Uh, well, it's a little juvenile. I mean, it kind of looks like the MySpace page of a 13-year-old girl.
Leonard: No, it doesn't.
Howard: Please. Dateline could use it to attract predators.
A: Dateline was a show where they lured pedophiles to a location by pretending to be children online. After interviewing them on their motives they would be arrested.

pedophiles = predators

The page looked so childish it could be used to capture a pedophile on dateline.

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